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Sunflower Milk and Qigong


I was strolling through Whole Foods looking for something light and healthy on Friday. I was ready to wrap up the week on a raw note, or at least something close to it. In the distance I saw a guy standing behind a couple display tables.

My gut reaction was to avoid eye contact and walk on by, because I assumed he was going to assault me with the latest in cracker technology or something else I wasn’t in the mood for. Anyway, as I walk by without looking, he says something like “Want to try a non-dairy milk made out of sunflower seeds?” Already half-past the table, I did a 180 and responded “hell yeah I’ll try your nut milk!” Turns out it was pretty awesome! Sure, not raw, pasteurized like most stuff-in-containers is these days, but I’m no purist.


He let me try the original and vanilla flavors and I walked away with a container of each and a happy, smiling sunflower farmer at my back. Good stuff!


There’s no good segue here, so I’m just going to keep right on typing and say that I’ve actually put in a few days in a row of regular qigong practice. Pretty lightweight; ranging from 5-30 minutes depending on the day. It’s super, super early as far as qigong experience or timelines go, but I’m just going to throw out a recommendation.


Anyone who’s currently on the fence about this exercise should get off the fence. On the grass is greener side. … or the… side that has people doing qigong… bah, never mind the fence. Point is, the first few days are somewhat painful as books and instructors will tell you.

It’s just weird for your muscles to stay still and slightly bent for any amount of time, let alone minutes on end. Supposedly within just a few weeks of daily practice you get comfortable and relaxed in these postures. I’m a little dubious, but only because it feels so unnatural at first.

The theory is that you just keep doing what you can with your mind to relax those strained muscles and before you know it, you’re starting to remember what it was like to stand in awkward-but-ultimately-highly-natural-and-healing postures, just like young children.

Your blood and qi starts flowing like a river, and before you know it you’re healing yourself just by standing there. Almost too good to believe, right? Well, so far all I can say is I feel energized afterwards and my muscles are kinda sore. I’ll report back if the motivation and healing continues…

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