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Recipe: Kale Celery Pear Juice


Are you the kind of person who struggles to fit enough leafy greens in your diet, or do you crave greens with every meal?


Either way, here’s a quick and tasty juice recipe that’ll get over a pound of greens in you! Micronutrient foods like kale are important and, honestly, kind of a quick win if you just want to take your health up a notch without a big effort. Kale is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.


Did you think milk is the only way to get calcium? Think oranges are the only way to get vitamin C? Kale gives you both, along with vitamin K, vitamin A (beta-carotene), folic acid, iron, manganese, and many others.

I put the pears and celery in this recipe to thin out the flavor a bit because kale can be a little potent (tasting). Also they both have a good amount of water in them so it’s always an easy way to increase your juice yield a bit.

Here’s the recipe:

4-5 big leaves from a bunch of kale
4 ribs of celery
2 pears
Directions: Juice it. Juice it all!

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