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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


Fat Sick

Last night I watched an amazing documentary on juice fasting: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s about an Australian guy named Joe Cross. After years of focusing on wealth and letting his health decline, he discovers juice fasting (feasting, I assume, although the movie really doesn’t focus on the mechanics of “is it a gallon plus of juice”, etc). He juices for 60 days, heals some serious chronic ailments, gets off a boat load of pharmaceuticals – including steroids – and drops about 100 pounds. The movie also follows another guy, Phil, who gets inspired by Joe and follows the same program. He also experiences extensive healing while dropping a similarly astonishing amount of weight.


Overall it’s an amazing film, whether you’re new to juicing or have gone through an extended fast yourself. It’s highly emotional, humorous, and motivational. It made me realize just how crazy we all are. Here I am writing about my single day fast, thinking what a huge step that is! We all have to start somewhere; that much is true. Joe says something in the movie that struck a chord with me. I’m paraphrasing here: “Even if you try for a 7 day juice fast and don’t make it through all 7 days, you’re not a failure. It’s a success! Good on you!”



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