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Day 4 – Juice Feast Wrap Up


Today’s the day I wrap it up! Part of me wants to keep up the juicing for another week to enjoy even more healing benefits. The other part of me is starting to load on the reasons why I should wrap it up. Ultimately, I’m positive that I’ll be doing this again later in the year and up front I knew I didn’t want to overdo it. For a second fast, I’m content.

Although today I ate some solids, it wasn’t until about 6pm. Even then, I started slow. To join in at the dinner table, I had three pieces of cooked broccoli (chewed very well) and a tiny hummus wrap (a mini tortilla, two teaspoons of hummus, and 10 or 15 leaves of baby spinach). I was nervous that not starting with plain, raw food was a bad idea, but I felt totally fine. No stomach issues whatsoever.

To sum up, here’s what I juiced today:


8:30am 1 quart of cantaloupe juice
11:30am 1 quart of spinach/celery/ginger/cucumber juice
4:30pm 1 quart of romaine/carrot juice
Weight this morning: 152.6

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