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Day 3 – Red Peppers and Cantaloupe!

It’s day 3 of my juice feast and I’m loving it. I juiced 2 quarts of green juices last night. I went with some new recipes, which are listed below. No kale today. I’m pretty psyched because today I get to drink 2 things I’ve never had in liquid form before: red peppers and cantaloupe! The red pepper is in a veggie juice with spinach and parsley. I’ll try that later. Right now I’m drinking straight cantaloupe juice. It’s pretty awesome! I got up this morning with the intention of juicing my cantaloupe and however many oranges I would need to bring it all up to one quart. Well, the melon gave me just over a full quart all on its own! It was a super easy juicing session, the juice is delicious, and it’s not quite as strong in the sweetness department as the oranges. Definitely an instant favorite.

In my main green juice today I decided to try something a little different so I used spinach and parsley instead of kale. I also added red pepper, which I had heard great things about from Jay Kordich via his recent interview on Raw Vegan Radio. The verdict? He was right; it’s delicious. I mean, it’s no big surprise that something you like in solid form continues to taste good when juiced, but there’s something special about drinking them. Especially with things like cantaloupe and red pepper, because they’re not really staples in my normal solid food lifestyle.

It’s the middle of day 3 and I’ve consumed nothing but juice I made in my kitchen, loads of water (~1 gallon/day), and herbal teas (mostly just reishi extract and hot water). So, how am I feeling? I feel great! It’s strange that I haven’t had any severe detox symptoms beyond mild headaches, but I’m definitely not complaining. I have a ton of energy, I’m sleeping well, my bathroom routines have been pretty normal – although I’m peeing constantly – and I’ve lost 5 pounds in two days. Pretty crazy! I didn’t do this for weight loss, but I’m more than a little comfortable saying goodbye to some of my “holiday baggage”.

To sum up, here’s what I juiced today:

9:30am 1 quart of cantaloupe juice
12:45pm 1 quart of spinach/parsley/celery/red pepper/ginger/lemon juice
5:00pm 1 quart of romaine lettuce and carrot juice (almost tastes like chocolate milk!)
Weight this morning: 153.8

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