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Day 2 – No Oranges

Busy day today so far, and last night I almost decided not to attempt juicing beyond day 1. So far it’s turned out to be totally satisfying. I guess part of me was worried that the actual act of juicing was going to be a problem, which is wasn’t. I know I can speed things up still, but so far the whole process – from everything’s-still-in-the-fridge to everything’s-clean) is about 20-30 minutes for a quart of juice and about 45 mins for 2 quarts.

I only prepared a quart of green juice last night but was able to juice another 2 quarts during lunch. NO oranges today. I made some apple/carrot, which is very sweet, but it’s not punch-you-in-the-face sweet like oranges. I’m exaggerating… but no, seriously, those oranges punched me in the face. Literally. Tiny orange arms… punching.

Sitting here, reading email, sipping my green juice. Mmmmmm. Still no detox headache or anything, so that’s both pleasing and ominous. I just assumed I’d be feeling crappy by the end of day 1, but it’s almost at the 48 hour mark and I feel pretty fine. I get a mild headache from time to time but it doesn’t linger. Last spring I went 3 weeks on 100% raw food for the first time in my life and something like days 4-12 were really rough with the headache, runny nose, and general fever-like symptoms. If you haven’t done anything like that yet, I know it might sound crazy to put yourself through that. But it’s a necessary evil if you want to give your body a chance to clean house. And afterwards you feel like a million bucks!

To sum up, here’s what I juiced today:

10:30am 1 quart of Mean Green Juice
1:30pm 1 quart of carrot/apple juice
5:00pm 1 quart of Mean Green Juice (with ginger this time! Delicious.)
Weight this morning: 157.4

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